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Won if by land

November 18, 2008

There is nothing like a good pun, except maybe a literary reference.  With his game summary titled Won if by Land, Ryan O’Leary (right out of central casting) of BGI gets my vote for Sportswriter of the Week.  What exactly Ryan is trying to say with this adaptation of a line from Longfellow’s “Paul Revere’s Ride” is not entirely clear.  Is he saying that the Irish “won” due to their success in the ground/”land” aspect of the game?  After all, Notre Dame out-rushed Navy 230-178, when Navy had been averaging over 300 rushing yards a game.  Was this a clever little acknowledgement that the Navy boys are seamen rather than landmen?  There is no way of knowing.  Maybe he just likes Paul Revere and poetry.

Can you blame him? Everyone loves Paul Revere, well maybe not the British soldiers who were owned at Lexington and Concord.  In third grade, I copied some sentences from Encyclopedia Britannica wrote a paper about Paul Revere.  Included was a full color illustrative tribute to Mr. Revere.  When I was in Boston for the ND game two weeks ago, I toured the Old North Church, the place where Paul’s accomplice hung the famous lanterns (Won if by land, two if by sea).  Outside the church was a monument to a true stallion of a man, Paul Revere.  A man like that deserves a statue. 

ride it, my pony.

Later that night night, as I was walking to the ND-BC Hockey game I encountered another statue, a 3X scale replica depicting Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary pass against Miami from his Heisman Trophy season.  The 6 foot tall statue had been unveiled earlier that day.  Flutie was a heck of a college football player and he wasn’t too shabby in his 1800-Collect commercials either, but is he really worthy of immortilization by statue?  Why don’t we just erect a Toto statue?  I could dance at the Backer, drinking long island iced teas and singing about the “rains down in Africa” all night.  Does that mean Toto should have a statue outside the Linebacker Lounge?  Maybe.  But, with a bar set that low everyone will be able to jump over it, well except for people in wheel chairs.
Listen my children and you shall hear, Of a last second pass that defined a career

Listen my children and you shall hear, Of a last second pass that defined a career


ND-BC Weekend Wrap-up

November 10, 2008

Immature reaction to an embarrassing game:

Well, no use talking about the game at this point, and yes, I have already issued Mrs. Hasselbeck a formal apology. The game was awful. The town restaurant review was by far the highlight, especially with the ensuing poop-joke by one commentator who said he wouldn’t be comfortable ordering or eating the special called “Grandpa’s mess”. You stay classy, ESPN.

The other fun fact learned during the game is that legend Doug Flutie’s nephew, Billy, is on the team. This little nugget of generally uninteresting trivia led into the most boring conversation about the Flutie family. I was fortunate enough to catch one of the meaningless sideline reports, an interview with Doug’s half-brother, a man who tends to shy away from the spotlight and interviews all together:

Glenn “Frutie” Flutie


When asked if he had ever considered playing football or the prospect of more Flutie’s going to BC, he responded “In college I was a tight-end, now I’m just a wide receiver. But I hope some day my adpoted Asian children get the opportunity to play for the Eagles”

Varying degradations of badness

November 10, 2008

My Jesuit high school calculus teacher – an ND grad – had that to say about a test my class failed spectacularly. Notre Dame failed its Jesuit high school test this weekend in similar fashion. The most exciting segment of the evening’s ESPN broadcast was Todd Blackledge and His Technicolor Shirt visiting an Italian place in south Boston. He left with spaghetti sauce on the creases of his mouth and we’re not sure Holly Rowe didn’t try to eat it.

There'll be none for you Ms. Rowe

No carbs for you Ms. Rowe

The night’s only other intriguing storyline was Mike Patrick telling how BC stole its running back from Duke in an epic recruiting pillow fight. Nothing more needs to be said. Wake me up after we beat Navy.

Worst Week Ever: Elisabeth Hasselbeck

November 6, 2008


Don’t put the box of tissues away just yet, Elisabeth.

Fresh off a rough week for the young ‘View’ co-host, things might not be looking up just yet. Using the thick coat of skin one could only obtain from a CBS reality show, she held back tears and waved goodbye to her two favorite people, back to the Senate and obscurity, respectively. Contrary to popular belief Ms. Hasselbeck did go to college, and luckily for her, it was before the days of Wikipedia, leaving her “The Ghost in ‘Three Men And a Baby'” essay for theology class unwritten. Believe it or not, this internet-savvy young lady, is a Boston College alum, where she presumably met her hubby, and was aptly prepared for the real world.

So, realistically, she might not want to watch the game on Saturday, unless she wants to have a worse week than when she ate bugs and shit on a log in Australia. Now, you might be asking, why pick on Elisabeth? Too easy, right? Stay with me. Elisabeth is not just a face of BC alumni, she is the embodiment of Boston College itself. Nobody knows really how they got so famous, nobody knows why everyone still talks about them, both command way more money than they should, and both have a completely unearned sense of entitlement.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Elisabeth, so I guess that’s where the comparison ends. She’s in for a real transition and she’ll have to change all her Firefox bookmarks in order to contribute on ‘the View’ now that the election is over. Everyone criticizes her for what she says, but no one gives her credit for how adamantly she says it.

I really, really hate these guys

November 6, 2008

Fresh off a loss to Clemson, BC is just as wounded as ND right now. Fortunately, the Irish have a better quarterback, stronger defense and this from recovering Skunkbear/Notre Dame DC Corwin Brown …

“What do I want to see? I want to see us go down to Boston College and kick their teeth in.”

Mass General Hospital better have a few good dentists.

Irish 38, BC 10

Leave your predictions below …

You do the math. I’ll do the Fredo.

November 4, 2008

If Southern Cal is college football’s top steakhouse, BC is its Olive Garden. For most of my life, the Irish have been too poor to pay for prime rib. But, hey, the O.G. has free breadsticks!

So Notre Dame tucks in its green jersey, orders the chicken parmesan and pukes in the never-ending pasta bowl.

It makes me sick. Boston College plays on a high school field in a baseball town in front of a passive student body. ND has everything BC lacks. There’s no area – talent, coaching , motivation – where the Eagles have an advantage. Nevertheless, I’m nervous and it’s just going to get worse until kickoff.

As you’ve noticed, this is the first post on Skunkbears since the Michigan win. While the Irish were busy torching Rich Rod and losing to Wannstache, the Skunkbears talent agent inked a contract with a hipper, more Hispanic version of LSU Freek. Expect more staffing announcements shortly.

For now, watch Deke Cooper feast on some Mike Cloud breadsticks. Go Irish.