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Obviously, it’s Mike and Mike

November 11, 2008

Good morning. It’s me, professional football quarterback Brady Quinn. You that listen to the radio may know that I appeared on the Mike and Mike program this morning. Let me tell you, it was a thrill! Ever since I was in grammar school, I’ve dreamed of talking sports with two of the best sports guys around. Obviously, Mike Golic played for my alma mater, Notre Dame. He was a great football player and he’s definitely an even better person. I couldn’t tell you exactly what Mike Greenberg ever did in athletics, but I think we can all assume it was tremendous.

I obviously don't drink pop.

I obviously don't drink pop

We talked about some pretty funny things. Namely, that Dublin, Ohio – where I was bred – is the home of Wendy’s. Conversely, I have never eaten at Wendy’s. Their food is anything but healthy and, take a glance gentlemen, I obviously don’t eat anything that could poison this body. We also chatted about my childhood team, the Cleveland Browns. For those of you who read the paper or check online sports scores, I started my first game last Thursday. Obviously, I went out there to win. Though the team may have come up short, I was tremendously pleased with my performance. I’d like to give thanks to my Browns teammates – particularly my loyal friend Derek Anderson (Give me five DA!!)

I’m definitely looking forward to next Monday as we take on the Buffalo Bills. It’s sure to be a great challenge. On behalf of the Browns and my other team – Team EAS – tune in. I’ll talk to you soon. BQ out.