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Six words for ’08

December 10, 2008

During my bi-annual skimming of USA Today last week, I came across something that fit well with this year’s slowly dying Notre Dame football season. It was a brief review of a book that asked people – both real and celebrity – to describe their life in only six words. Since we didn’t see anything from Charlie and Co., we’ve written a few possible responses for them …

Jimmy was better before hair cut.

See Armando run, see Charlie fall.

Michael Floyd can bear my children.

They can’t throw snowballs in Hawaii.

Notre Dame Football is schematically advantageous.

At least the Skunkbears suck more.


Interhall Football: “Because recycling is for communists.”

November 20, 2008

ESPN has a lengthy write up on Notre Dame’s interhall football program. Nice to see ND’s second-coolest sporting tradition – behind the Bengal Bouts – get some pub. See AllTimeCenter’s post below for further proof that Sunday’s interhall final will be more exciting than the Syracuse game.