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One hundred and sixthty two dayths

March 27, 2009



December 1, 2008

Maybe all this under-performing Irish team needs is a little motivation.  Dr. Lou wasn’t available, so we brought the next best thing:

I don’t know whats worse: that speech or knowing that the Criminoles would likely kick the shit out of Weis’ under-performing Irish team after listening to that drivel.

Charlie’s Bowl Movements

November 20, 2008

Ok, so this might seem a bit premature to some readers, but if Graham Watson has taught me anything, it’s how to stay on top of ND football news. Literally, this girl knows when Jimmy Clausen breaks wind, and based on her infatuation, would probably like to bottle it. Her latest article is concerned with where the Irish might be playing, come Bowl season and could easily have been titled “Why People Hate Notre Dame”. The article was actually good news for Irish fans, if you want an excuse to take a holiday time vacation.

However, if you want to see us break the bowl losing streak, it’s not so great. Cotton, Gator, and Sun bowls are all up for grabs now, the latter being the only one you could argue we’ve even remotely earned. She’s quick to point out that none of the bowls have ever taken in a 5 loss team. Now I don’t want to seem like a naysayer, so I’ll reserve comments until our season is actually over.

Call her article a “warning shot”, a way to brace other schools so there are less messed-pants when Notre Dame gets the bid they think their school deserved.

It’s a sad day when, with all the media attention the Irish receive, old Loyal Lou is the only one holding out real hope and staying optimistic. Of course, I’ve been a bit uncomfortable ever since I got my reminder for a prostate exam from Dr. Holtz last week.

On the plus, at least he hasn’t reached Beano-Cook-status of bowl rambling. And now, a man who is convinced the BCS is his namesake and who wrote in “Navy vs. Syracuse” last year for the championship…



September 10, 2008

Let’s hope Friday’s pep rally is just like this one …