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Worst Week Ever: Elisabeth Hasselbeck

November 6, 2008


Don’t put the box of tissues away just yet, Elisabeth.

Fresh off a rough week for the young ‘View’ co-host, things might not be looking up just yet. Using the thick coat of skin one could only obtain from a CBS reality show, she held back tears and waved goodbye to her two favorite people, back to the Senate and obscurity, respectively. Contrary to popular belief Ms. Hasselbeck did go to college, and luckily for her, it was before the days of Wikipedia, leaving her “The Ghost in ‘Three Men And a Baby'” essay for theology class unwritten. Believe it or not, this internet-savvy young lady, is a Boston College alum, where she presumably met her hubby, and was aptly prepared for the real world.

So, realistically, she might not want to watch the game on Saturday, unless she wants to have a worse week than when she ate bugs and shit on a log in Australia. Now, you might be asking, why pick on Elisabeth? Too easy, right? Stay with me. Elisabeth is not just a face of BC alumni, she is the embodiment of Boston College itself. Nobody knows really how they got so famous, nobody knows why everyone still talks about them, both command way more money than they should, and both have a completely unearned sense of entitlement.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Elisabeth, so I guess that’s where the comparison ends. She’s in for a real transition and she’ll have to change all her Firefox bookmarks in order to contribute on ‘the View’ now that the election is over. Everyone criticizes her for what she says, but no one gives her credit for how adamantly she says it.