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An ode to my pardner

January 28, 2009

Brent Musburger annoys me. He always has and probably always will. I try not to let it, but his pompous drivel usually taints an otherwise enjoyable Saturday.



So I turn on Big Ten Network last week and there he was, The Pardner. It was a classic performance – an early 90s game in East Lansing – with Jack Arute on the sideline. In October, I would have hit the mute button. But last week, with no radio to tune him out and only basketball on TV, I took a listen. Brent still annoys me. He’s just not good at what he does. But this time his Jackaroos and Brian Grieses didn’t sting so much. I actually kind of missed him. The same way a dumped boyfriend remembers how cute she smiled while picking her nose.

So Brent, you’re still the worst play-by-play guy in college football, but you’re my crappy commentator. In honor of The Pardner, here are a few other annoying traditions that sound pretty good in the offseason’s rosy glow. . .

– “Taste of the Town” with Todd Blackledge. There’s a reason food shows are hosted by hot girls or funny guys. Blackledge is neither. At least Mike Patrick is peripherally involved.

– Sports Illustrated’s preview issue(s). Don’t give me six covers. Ask Austin Murphy which team he likes, take their picture and slap it on the front.

– Rutgers fans. 100% Jersey trash. I do miss the ongoing drama of when Schiano will bolt for Miami.

– Big and Rich’s opening song for College Gameday. It’s horrible – the most NFL-like feature in the college ranks. First of all, Gameday doesn’t come to “your city.” Places like Eugene, Tuscaloosa and Blacksburg are not cities. They are towns. College towns. And Chris Fowler won’t let us forget it.