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24 hours to Teo

February 3, 2009

It’s not the Day-Before-Signing Day unless grown men can’t sleep because they don’t know where an 18-year-old football player will attend college. We’d make fun of these grown men but we’re also one of them. And since grown men like us have spare time between IrishEyes posts, here’s a video of the Mormon Mike Floyd.


On recruiting …

February 2, 2009

Just throwing this out there as signing day nears – Scout rated Santonio Holmes and Larry Fitzgerald the 13th and 15th-best high school wide receivers, respectively, in the fall of 2002. Players ahead of the Super Bowl tandem on the list ranged from the good (Rhema McKnight, Mo Stovall) to the bad (James Taylor) to the regal (Princell Brockenbrough).

Fitzgerald originally committed to D-III Gustavus Adolphus before he went to Pitt. We don’t know what Larry would have done to small-school Minnesota football, but it would have been awesome.