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Fire Rich Rodriguez- Reply by DickRod

November 19, 2008

News of Skunkbears and their Stinky Leader:


After an uproar from their loss to Northwestern at the Big House this past weekend, Skunkbear fans have made their cries for blood just a little louder. Dixie DickRod has finally decided to strike back as of yesterday, stating these fans should “Get a life” citing more important concerns like the “economy”, whatever that’s supposed to mean to UofM fans. So, to clear up any confusions there might have been with the seemingly negative statement, WinDixieRod issued a formal letter this morning laying out a list of problems that U of Michigan fans should be more concerned with than their 3-8 season and their spread offense.

1. Global warming

2. The Middle-East

3. Bad mortgage loans

4. Flint, Michigan

5. Rampant drug problems on UM campus

6. Obama wanting to take away your guns

7. Your heating bill

8. The homicide rate in Detroit surpassing that of Atlanta

9. Polar bears (see no. 1)

10. The hole in your garage roof

11. How much money you’ll save NOT going to a bowl game this year

12. How much money the school paid to get me here

13. Referring to a woman with a mustache as “The Pregnant Man”

14. What Lloyd “The Half-Dead” Carr is doing right now

I think I speak for the Skunkbear Nation when I say, thank you for the clarification Mr. Rodriguez.