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Take it from Pete Carroll

February 10, 2009

Today I’d like to introduce a new feature to our little Skunkblog. In involves the tan man we all love to hate, Southern Cal football coach Pete Carroll. In between winning forever and losing Hawaiian recruits, PC is an active member of Facebook and Twitter. We were one of Pete’s first friends when he joined Facebook last year. In the spirit of this Internet friendship, we’ll post unedited screenshots of Pete’s Facebook status whenever The Poodle posts something so absurd, decorum prohibits its inclusion anywhere else. But don’t take it from me. Take it from Pete Carroll.



Greetings from The Pumped and Jacked One

January 22, 2009
As sent from his Twitter account yesterday . . .
“Still on the road recruiting… I’d tell you where I am, but NCAA rules don’t allow me to reveal that. It’s like I’m on a secret spy mission
It’s as if he’s teasing us. Like Bin Laden on video from the caves of Afghanistan.

Riding Dirty (Sanchez)

January 6, 2009

A source in LA has informed of new ride that was given to Mark Sanchez after the Rose Bowl despite Sanchez throwing one less TD pass than Jimmy Clausen did in his bowl game.  Nevertheless, an official from the USC athletic department put his stamp of approval on the gift, stating that “Mr. Sanchez played so gosh darn hard.  Any gifts he may have received were well earned.  And heck, its not any flashier than the bags of money Reggie Bush used to carry around campus. Win forever!”  Here are some exclusive photos:usccar2usccar1

authors note: all facts are unconfirmed at this point, except that Jimmy Clausen threw 5TDs in Hawaii, which is more than 4TDs from Sanchez and that the pictured car could be the ugliest thing we have seen not named Brian Cushing.