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Comb Your Hair, You Look Like a Schwab

November 6, 2009

Give Howie Schwab a sports journalism award. The ups. The downs. He takes the viewer on quite the journey of emotions. See if you catch the subtle change in his tone.

“Wow. What a terrible season in terms of disappointment…Wow…Wow”

Not to mention he wore his good sweatshirt for television. Keep up the good work, Mr. Energy.


Interhall Football: “Because recycling is for communists.”

November 20, 2008

ESPN has a lengthy write up on Notre Dame’s interhall football program. Nice to see ND’s second-coolest sporting tradition – behind the Bengal Bouts – get some pub. See AllTimeCenter’s post below for further proof that Sunday’s interhall final will be more exciting than the Syracuse game.

Varying degradations of badness

November 10, 2008

My Jesuit high school calculus teacher – an ND grad – had that to say about a test my class failed spectacularly. Notre Dame failed its Jesuit high school test this weekend in similar fashion. The most exciting segment of the evening’s ESPN broadcast was Todd Blackledge and His Technicolor Shirt visiting an Italian place in south Boston. He left with spaghetti sauce on the creases of his mouth and we’re not sure Holly Rowe didn’t try to eat it.

There'll be none for you Ms. Rowe

No carbs for you Ms. Rowe

The night’s only other intriguing storyline was Mike Patrick telling how BC stole its running back from Duke in an epic recruiting pillow fight. Nothing more needs to be said. Wake me up after we beat Navy.