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Scent of a Skunkbear

November 12, 2009

– One month ago: one pass from a win over Southern Cal. Today: complaining about cheap shots from Navy. How the mediocre have fallen.

Last night’s Volunteer Prius crime spree has prompted a name change to college football’s most prestigious off-season award. EDSBS’ Orson Swindle has announced that . . .

The Fulmer Cup is now “The Tostitos Fulmer Cup, Sponsored By Lane Kiffin and Cash Money Records.”

Just a guess, but we think Phil Fulmer is more of a Doritos kind of guy.


– And finally . . .  CAT FIGHT!!


A Sea Shanty for Navy 2009

November 6, 2009



ND-Navy Game: Weekend Predictions

November 12, 2008

As everyone I’m sure has heard by now, Weis has taken back the reigns of the Notre Dame sleigh as only a jolly rotund man can. He hopes that this shift against the Sea Men will return the team to glory, like 2007….wait…

Some attribute this move to assistant coaching and point out that his record is actually worse than Bob Davie’s was at the same point. But in lieu of trading in his coaching headset for a commentator’s mic, Weis has taken matters into his own hands, leaving Mike Haywood JaHireMe a little less busy come Saturday morning.

So for my entry today, I’d like a take a stab at what kind of calls we can look forward to seeing.


RHD’s predictions: Philly Cheese Steak Pizza, Supreme, and Triple Bacon.

Crack that first beer early, game starts at 11am central time.